Cloud Services

cloud services

Digital Technology’s Cloud services portfolio provides a broad suite of server, storage and network services with extensive granularity.

Our cloud services can thus be leveraged for use in small development/test/sandbox environments, to high performance, high availability platforms that support critical applications.

Our equipment is designed for maximum scalability and performance, supporting complex enterprise requirements. Features of our setup include automated alerting, a real-time monitoring dashboard, and historical reporting.
Our Cloud Hosting offers you with future ready technology right at your fingertips as an enterprise ready infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud

cloud services

Our enterprise cloud services has been designed keeping in mind a vast audience and offers three different types of clouds

Public cloud


Also known as a Multi-Tenant cloud, our public cloud is cost-efficient and has the capacity to serve multiple tenants simultaneously. Choose our public cloud for light workloads that require limited processing power.

Private cloud


Also known as a single-tenant cloud, our private cloud is designed as a dedicated service where the infrastructure, instance, and database serve a single client. Our private cloud is the perfect choice for higher processing power, where there is a need for complex computations and the need to handle higher volumes of data

Hybrid cloud


DT also offers a hybrid cloud which is a perfect balance between a public and private cloud infrastructure. We have this option because at times there is a site or app requires both cloud and dedicated environments. With multiple configuration options you can create the best fit for your specific needs.

A Complete Cloud Portfolio

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Our robust, stable and secure, infrastructure gives you complete satisfaction and the ability to choose. Using the latest in VMware based hybrid technology we provide full compatibility, agility and scalability. Our portfolio includes:

  • a. Cloud virtual machine
  • b. Bare Metal Cloud Servers
  • c. VMware Virtual Servers
  • d. Dedicated Servers
  • e. Rapid Deployment Servers

Virtual Private Services

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We offers Virtual Private Servers that are high-performance and reliable and designed to help grow and scale a business quickly and easily.


  • Easy to initiate: you can deploy and begin using within minutes.
  • Optimize your workload: we offer multiple hardware options out of which we guarantee a perfect match for your needs.
  • Open-source: you can take advantage of a pure, API-driven cloud experience of the OpenStack community.

DT Offers Exceptional and Quality Service Which is The Best Value for Your Money.

Some Features of Our VPS Service Include

  • High Throughput
  • Customers Choice of Images
  • Reliability: Fully redundant network switches and power cables
  • High end processors
  • The option of Bare metal
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extremely fast network
  • DDoS protection

Cloud Network

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Our Cloud Network is software based, powered by the OpenStack networking service and offer complete control over the network topology, IP addressing and architecture.
We offer easy to manage Cloud Networks to connect your web site or application to a database, or to set up a site-to-site VPN etc. It’s through our Cloud Control Panel and powerful APIs. Some features of our Cloud Network include

Cloud Load Balancers


to manage traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources

Cloud DNS


use our control panel and API to list, add, modify, and remove domains, subdomains, and records, as well as import and export domains and records

Custom Networking


dedicated hardware, cloud resources, or hybrid setup, we custom design network configurations to meet specific needs.

Storage and Backup

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Your data is your most important asset. A could backup safeguards a business by protecting important files, website and application needs. A cloud back up can quickly get a business back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files in case of a system failure or file loss.
Using our cloud backup service you can easily create, schedule, and manage file level backup via the Control Panel or API. As it is integrated with our Cloud Servers on our high-capacity network, it takes only a few minutes to protect files and restore backups.
We also provide an enterprise grade encryption (AES 256-bit key), which helps ensure data is completely secured and for your eyes only.
Our cloud services thus provides an automated safe and secure solution for all data backup requirements for servers, desktops and laptops. Our service features include

  • Data privacy assured and protection
  • One account for servers, desktops and laptops
  • Easy to use interface with automated scheduling
  • Highly efficient with immediate recovery
  • Option to locally store a backup copy
  • Supports security and compliance requirements
  • Server backup for Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, Oracle & VMware

DT Cloud Storage Service is Designed for Flexiblity, Scalability and Reliability, Our Service Offering Includes.

  1. Cloud Block Storage
  2. Cloud Backup
  3. Custom Storage
  4. Cloud Files
  5. Cloud Databases
  6. Managed Cloud Big Data
  7. Managed Databases
  8. Managed Dedicated Big Data

In addition to the above Digital Technology also offer specific and more targeted services such as

  1. Virtual Firewall
  2. Hosting services
  3. Web security
  4. Secure Email Gateway
  5. Software as a service