When it comes to implementing salesforce solutions, Digital Technology’s capabilities are unparalleled.

Digital Technology and salesforce make it easier than ever for organizations to harness cloud-computing benefits in traditional areas such as sales force automation, customer service and support, and emerging areas such as asset tracking, contract management, HR and supply chain.

With our vast experience in Salesforce implementation Digital Technology is helping clients push the boundaries with using Salesforce to drive a productive & visible transformational change.

Experienced & Dedicated Team

Digital Technology has an impeccable record of Salesforce implementations around the globe as our focus is always on providing meaningful business outcomes and not just automation.

With an experienced team of professionals based in North America, Middle East and Asia we specialize in implementing solutions that incorporate multiple Salesforce clouds such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Exact Target Marketing Cloud, Chatter and Salesforce1.

From sales to marketing to operations, our Salesforce consultants can help transform how you engage with your prospects, customers and partners.


Which is why Digital Technology has fast become the provider of choice for companies looking to configure and deploy Salesforce solutions that enable high performance.

Our dedicated Salesforce teams include salesforce.com certified professionals with business acumen, industry expertise, and customer relationship management

We not only have the resources but also the industry experience to handle complex Salesforce implementations.

Digital Technology’s Implementation Approach

Digital Technology has complete capability to guide organizations that are considering Salesforce solutions for the first time and also those that are looking to enhance their current Salesforce solutions.

Devising the right Implementation Strategy

Digital Technology creates a robust base for our clientele’s journey with Salesforce by providing assessments and roadmaps that help our clients identify challenges and opportunities and also achieve their desired objective.

Quick & Responsive Execution

Our quick and responsive project execution strategies we make delivery of Salesforce solutions more flexible than ever. Each implementation is designed to deliver on the Salesforce promise of agility and scalability.


End to End solution

Not just implementations, Digital Technology has established maintenance and support capabilities that help clients that are already on their journey with Salesforce.
Our teams are well versed with enhancing, integrating and customizing of Salesforce to enhance our clients experience with Salesforce.

Design based Approach

Our clients get the advantage of our interdisciplinary, people-centered design approach, which provides a fresh perspective on business challenges and user needs. The results are innovative end products that exceed business objectives and are saleable for the future.

When it comes to Salesforce implementation, our experience in carrying out fast, flexible, reliable and secure implementations is what makes us stand out from the crowd.