For the past 12 years Digital Technology has been a pioneer in data and internet service provisioning Through our deep understanding of the varying requirements of the major market sectors, whether corporate or consumer, Digital Technology embraces a technological approach that is based on maximum efficiency, deliverability and reliability for each and every respective segment.

Digital Technology uses state of the art tech and cutting edge advancements to ensure the continuity and stability of our internet services at all times our internet service providers are routed through international carriers using multiple submarine cables that are directed to several destinations throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Our medium of service delivery includes Fiber Optics, Microwave, WiMAX, VSAT, 4G etc.


Virtual private networks

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A virtual private network (VPN) is a network in which a customer is able to connect multiple sites using digital technology’s shared infrastructure with the same administrative policies as a private network. The path between two systems in a VPN, and the characteristics of that path, might also be determined (wholly or partially) by our policy. This yields a number of different services that we can provide according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

A VPN may have best-effort performance, or may have a defined service level agreement (SLA). VPN could have a simple topology such as point-to-point or a rather complex one such as an MPLS connection with commuters’ capabilities and internet access.
Digital technology puts the experts and gears at your service through a partnership with your business, interconnecting your sites and networks and creating the perfect network space you need with an easy, available and economical bundle of the services we provide.


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Digital Technology’s next generation network makes it very easy to provide VPN services based on MPLS technologies. Layer 2 VPN offers a dependable, versatile, secure and fast platform to improve companywide processes and maximizes value from enterprise applications.

MPLS L2 VPN is ideal for customers who want to join two of their LAN segments which are geographically apart, to logically create a single LAN. In addition, MPLS can work with any underlying layer 2 protocols providing flexible service delivery.

In the MPLS L2-VPN, routing occurs through the customer’s routers and allows those customers to maintain the administration of their network, without any interaction from the service provider. This includes routing, QOS, and security.


If more than 2 sites need to exchange data traffic, digital technology also provides a cost effective hub and spoke solution. Using this service, one site (usually the headquarters) acts as the main site and many point-to-point (P2P) virtual circuits are established between the remote sites.


Internet Connectivity saudi arabia

In order to cope with the growing business needs for enterprise customers to increase productivity, digital technology delivers carrier-grade MPLS layer 3 VPN services to transport data, voice and video traffic across a converged infrastructure. Digital technology ensures an end-to-end quality of service and provide exceptional security for the data transported.

MPLS VPN introduced the possibility to have a “full mesh” network at the cost of “hub & spoke” topology.
Moreover, MPLS VPN is a true VPN technology that guarantees the traffic isolation and security using a single routing instance (VRF) for each customer’s VPN.

Quality of service

DT provides an end-to-end quality of service and removes the configuration hassle from the customer by being responsible for QOS requirements between the different branches. In addition, our service ensures that your most crucial of communications can always get to
their destination in the fastest time, without getting clogged up and slowed down on the network. Similarly, if the fastest route is for any reason unavailable, the next fastest route will be located and used.

Connectivity Anywhere

Given the current environment where the Telco’s cannot guarantee connectivity at remote locations Digital Technology provides MPLS 3g mVPN solution that allow the use of a commonly available 3g internet connection to connect these remote locations to the company’s MPLS L3 VPN network.
This facility provides a cost effective way to build and complete the existing networking infrastructure, leveraging the existing investment of all the existing MPLS L3 VPN connections between the headquarters and the other remote branches.

Internet Connectivity

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Dedicated bandwidth internet

A bandwidth that meets the agreed allocations is a crucial requirement; digital technology Internet Connectivity has taken every measure possible to ensure that all customers are achieving the actual contracted bandwidth at all times.

  • The access technology used provides symmetric two way data traffic.
  • Bandwidth dedication starts from the customer CPE (router or modem) through digital technology network all the way through to the internet gateway.
  • Another bandwidth measure taken into consideration is the international capacity, where digital technology policy is set for allocated bandwidth for each customer.
  • The previous measures are all explored in the service level agreement provided by digital technology.
internet service provider saudi arabia

Shared bandwidth internet

A bandwidth that meets the agreed allocations is a crucial requirement; digital technology has taken every measure possible to ensure that all customers are achieving the actual contracted bandwidth at all times. For home users’ requirements and usage patterns, a shared bandwidth internet approach allows us to provide the customer with the required bandwidth at an affordable cost while maintaining exemplary standards of service and support.